…thoughts on the night of our Graduation

I can’t express how it feels to cross that stage and be recognized for one’s accomplishments. I want to take the time to thank the JATC Directorship and the Instructors for their support.

This week has been a week of conclusions and new beginings. On Monday I finished up work, from a punch list, for a job that had just been completed.

For those who might not be familar with the term, a “punch list” is a list of final odds and ends that need to be addressed before a completed job is turned over to the customer/ client. This was, without a doubt, the smallest “punch list” I had ever seen submitted by a general contractor on behalf of a client. I was impressed. I wasn’t suprised. The fact was that the foreman I was working for had been ahead of the game, and a perfectionist all along. This is how I finished up my fifth year with a set of formen who were strict electrical professionals but took the time to teach, and correct my odds and ends before I was turned over into an A Journeyman. This Monday it will be my turn.


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