Two weeks in…

Today marks two working weeks that I have been an A Journeyman Electrician. This is the top of the game. Without a doubt I am expected to have a total grasp of the concept of electrical work. At first I was a little nervous about it. The first week was a continuation of what we call a three-alarm blaze.

A three-alarm blaze is when there is a deadline to be met and another crew is called in to assist the original working crew.

It was a week of twelve hour days, trouble shooting and rushing in change orders. At the point that it became overwhelming everything slowed down… It was amazing. The training kicked in…

Thursday, I went to Crystal City….straight into the Switchgear Room B…terminate lets get this gear on and these branch circuits hot….

I really do love my job…in the two weeks I have been a Journeyman, I swear, I have had to run pipe from 1/2″ to 2″ and some rigid….I’ve had to troubleshoot low voltage and high voltage and even some control work. Now I am in the gear room….not quite A to Z electrically but A to Q in about two weeks…, the best feeling is being prepared for what I might come across in the field…it gives me confidence.


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