More responsibilies more to learn

As I get a little further into the apprenticeship I’m beginning to see more and more the subtle transition from apprentice to mechanic. In the last few months I’ve been taking more initiative and working on a lot of projects by myself when I can. Now these are projects that it feels I’ve done time and time again to the point where it should be easy but I’m learning bending and running pipe is probably the easiest part of running pipe. Even when I’m working with a mechanic and we’re both kind of doing our own thing I never noticed how helpful that extra set of eyes could be until it’s not there. Now don’t get me wrong I think I’m pretty good at working through problems and putting things together, but sometimes I over look things that can come back to bite me. For example I might plan out a pipe run than start working and realize the floor isn’t level and now my pipe is running downhill, or the walls aren’t square, or the block isn’t level and make my pipe run an eye sore comparative to the room. There’s so many little things that can go wrong from forgetting a connector and having to walk all the way back to the container to measuring to a rack for a 90 than forgetting to add the diameter of your pipe. Sometimes times a mechanic might have these things worked out and I just have to follow a preset plan and just concentrate on the install, but now that my eyes are a little more open I try to make it my business to take a little more responsibility in my work. It’s really not as much of an issue after I’ve been doing the same project for a while but different task require different level of planning speed and attention and I think the ability to transition and adapt smoothly is what really separates the rookies from the vets.


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