Past few months

Over the past few months I’ve been back and forth between several different jobs and several different mechanics. Bouncing around is cool sometimes because usually if you finish a job close to quitting time you get off early and it’s usually a lot more laid back. Now on the other hand it sucks having to lug all your tools around especially when I’m in the mood to ride my motorcycle into work. I’m pretty familiar now with most of the foreman and mechanics at my company so usually work goes smooth, it’s nice when your familiar with the way someone works and can trust each others work. Occasionally I get that one that feels it necessary to watch me closely and baby me through everything but I guess some have a different feeling out process than others. Once i get a good feel for the whole job I usually try to stray away from my foreman and just do what I feel needs to be done. I’ve gotten myself in a little trouble that way a few times but most of the time it leads to good things. There’s nothing like hearing mechanics are requesting to work with you.

So in a few months I’ll be going into my 4th year into the apprenticeship. I think my skills are progressing nicely, but I always wonder what the next company is going to expect of me. I really want to get a little more switchgear experience under my belt. Not to say that it’s one of the harder things than anything else, but it I’ve yet to be part of a complete gear install and it’s a pretty common thing in the trade. It might be a little premature to start thinking about my transfer already but the way I see it I only have a few more months to get comfortable with the things that might make me look like a superstar with my next company and get me on the more talented work, or look like a newbie and end up doing the grunt work.


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