A walk down memory lane

So about 3 years I remember walking on to my first construction site eager to learn, get my hands wet and all that good stuff. Well I got my hands blue from all the mc I pulled with another first year for about 3 months or so with no idea of the big picture. Than after that we processed to slam every fixture into the grid while an older mechanic pointed where he wanted them and spray painted these green dots. I’m sure these sound like bitter memories and I’m not going lie back than I was a little exasperated by the monotony. But I didn’t realize until this week it’s been about 2 years since I’ve been in that same type of work setting and it’s like having a completely different job. I remember my foreman would talk to my mechanic, they’d look at some prints and than he’d come back in and point some more. Today my foreman just brought me to a room set out the prints and said take care of the power and the lighting. Honestly it’s not very hard of a task and at this point in the game it shouldn’t be a problem. But as I worked in that room alone and laid out the device, ran that mc, wired everything and even had time to give my foreman a little grief for pulling some extra wire I couldn’t help but to feel a sense of accomplishment.


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