Moving on up

Good evening folks. So a lot has been going on over the past few months. I finished day school finally after 3 not so long years. It was bitter sweet because I no longer have to worry about a test the night before class and hope that I studied enough but I don’t get the little break in work every 2 weeks as well as getting up a little later and kicking back in class with some people I’ve grown accustomed to. I think the my superintendent and foreman like the fact that they don’t have to worry about man power on my days off any more. So another bit of good news is my raise that I received last week. Past couple of years my raise has been delays due to hours and the fact I started working a little later than the rest of my classmates so it finally feels good to be all caught up and have the extra cash in my pocket. Not too much has changed at work I’m still in a good comfort zone where I feel confident enough to take on any project and my foreman’s and mechanics don’t have a problem letting me. Actually seems they come to expect it. Recently I went from a fast pace balls to the wall job to a real easy going cruise control type of project. I think I prefer the fast pace jobs just because they make the day go by but I’m working on my versatility. Next Thursday I’ll start my first night school class. I been considering going to college for engineering since I can apply credits from day school. I’m hoping to start this year or next year before I become too complacent. But things are looking up I transfer in October and I’m hoping things continue to get better.


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