Change of Scenery

Good even folks. So last week I transferred from my small contractor JWE to the much larger Freestate. I’m definitely missing all the guys at the last company and the family environment they had going on. Plus I felt like the foremen trusted me with a lot of different task so I usually got to see most of the different aspects of every job I was on. First day with my new contractor my foreman had about a 20 minute conversation with me and another apprentice pretty much letting us know that he had no problem laying anyone off and just wanted us to work from start to finish and play it straight. I definitely could respect where he was coming from and understand that with the way times are companies are a lot tighter, but I just felt that down to earth easy going vibe at work would be a thing of the past. So I’m on the lighting crew and I’ve been slamming in fixtures a task that I’ve become all to familiar with. On the plus side so far I’ve been getting over time and the extra money definitely is a bonus. At times it feels like if I touch another fixture or wire nut I’m going to lose my mind. The mechanics at the company are pretty good guys and it seems like the line between apprentice work and mechanic work are nonexistent at least on the lighting crew. I’m hoping to some how get in with the switch gear crew or the service department so over the next few weeks I’m going to try to work my magic and see what I can make happen.


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