Mixing it Up

      After the past few months now of being on the fire alarm learning the in and outs have finally gotten the chance to jump ship so to say mix things up a little bit. Seems like for about the past month or so now have gotten the chance to do something totally different each week. From hooking up VFD’s for air handling units, pulling feeders, setting and wiring up an UPS system, to simply hanging lights. Many of these I had never previously received the chance to be around or work with, so to say the least it has been quite the interesting month. Makes the days go quick when your constantly into your work and learning honestly say i have been really enjoying it lately.
      One of the more interesting things was hooking up the UPS system(aka: Uninterruptible Power Supply). Put simply just a large bank of batteries together to supply power to certain equipment when the main supply of  power goes out. Definitely was pretty cool getting to work with the system and very challenging getting the pieces set. Mostly because pushing 4,000 pound bank of battery’s up a ramp isn’t the easiest thing in the world but all in all everything worked out. Below is a couple pictures of two parts of the UPS.


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