New Site

     It’s been a while now since my last post but between school and work things are still going really well. With my last job site going into the finishing stages I now have been moved to another site on the University of Maryland campus. While still with the same company I am now getting to experience a whole new scope of work. A new physical science center is being built on the campus and we are responsible for completing all of the control work for the building. This has allowed me to experience a whole new set of thinking and requirements different than any job I’ve been on as of yet. Just looking at the various sets of prints and the hundreds upon hundreds of devices we are responsible for is almost overwhelming.The prints at first looked like a foreign language, loaded with symbols and terminology that I have never seen, let alone heard of before.
    But with a few weeks under my belt now, I’m still no expert but catching on rather well and really enjoying the work. It has been my first chance to work with rigid pipe which definitely brings a few more elements to the table.You really have to study ahead of time and pre-plan how you intend to position each piece. Unlike EMT, rigid pipe must be threaded together so when  installing in some of the tighter locations it takes major planing ahead for everything to work.


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