Moving Right Along

          With a few months under my belt now at the University of Maryland site things are continuing to move right along. Lately, we’ve started to increase our amount of projects and break loose all over the site. We are now up to eight guys on site and it feels like we’ll be adding a few more in the near future as the workload increases. I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on all sorts of different projects that I really find interesting. I’ve found that I enjoy understanding each aspect of the project rather than just a few select details.
           Like I mentioned in my last blog, this is a slightly different kind of job than I’ve ever been on before. One being its a knew building coming out of the ground and two we are doing all the control work. So far getting to have a hand in many of the different projects has really given me a better understand of how all the pieces work together towards the final picture. In just running branch piping have really started to understand how different pieces all tie in. This past week we have spent piping out thermostats and trunk lines for different troughs and devices. I have gotten to understand how these devices drive others telling them what action needs to take place among other things. For example, how the multiple thermostats in each room cause a action in the supply and return ducts to keep the room temperature at a constant. Also how all of these devices tie back into a control point so all of this can be run and monitored from a central location. I’m finding all this to be very intriguing work, really enjoying my time so far and looking forward to it continuing.


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