With work continuing to move along smoothly at the University of Maryland project, I’ve recently had the chance to mix things up and experience another first in my career. I was given the opportunity to work a few OT hours recently over the weekend on a shutdown. Working along with two others, together we were able to clock twenty-five hours tearing down an old motor control center and replacing it with an entirely new cabinet. This brought on one very nice paycheck along with work that I found to be very intriguing. Due to it being a shutdown it made it a very fast paced job with things needing back up and running before the start of the new week. This fact, along with it being work on motors, starters, and different controls, things that I have never had to work hands on with before made for a very interesting time. I found it to be a very good experience to have under my belt for the future.
      I have also been lucky enough to tie in on the job training with the start of book four in the apprenticeship. Book four introduces you to motors, motor controls and everything else you could hope to know about this type of work. After being on this job I have found myself very excited to move into this lesson and further expand what I know. I have to say with over two years in the trade now I am still continuing to learn new things on a daily basis and really am enjoying going to work everyday. Below is a picture of the new MCC. 


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