3rd year

      3rd year apprentice. Almost sounds strange to say thinking about how far I’ve come in which what seems so little time. Almost feels like just yesterday I was walking into the apprenticeship office to apply for this opportunity. And now almost three years later here I am having gained more experience than I ever could have imagined. I was just asked last weekend if I’m still enjoying it and if I could go back would I do anything differently. Without a doubt I replied absolutely not, I’ve found something that I really enjoy doing thus far and wouldn’t imagine going back. Being able to really apply myself at work, all the benefits that have come along with being in the union, the pay, all things that I think someone of my age is lucky to have and all things that I look forward the continuing.
     Moving up to the third year has also brought along some changes in scenery. For about the past month now been part of J.E. Richards one of the larger companies out of local 26. From working in College Park for the past year now have moved into DC for the first time, all which in itself is a new experience. Have moved to a pretty large tenant build out, largest of any job I have yet to be on. So far definitely have no complaints minus the traffic but hard to fight that. Have been able to work on a numerous amount of different project. From piping out electric closets, putting up numerous different kinds of lights, and most recently testing floors out it has been very good experience. In the short amount of time I have been there definitely have been able to learn a lot.


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