Well the title should explain what I’ve been up to lately. I was still doing a little bit of fire alarm but was sent to another job to run rigid conduit.So for almost three weeks now I’ve been on a roof and in a parking garage. Ive never been one to complain about the cold but WOW I’ve been freezing. Its either dress really warm and not be able to move or just stay moderate. Either way it was still cold. Now I’m working with a guy and have to teach him how to run pipe. Including bending, cutting and threading. No big deal ill teach anyone something if they want to learn. So when you have the chance to learn something or teach someone something, do it! Don’t complain because it makes you look better as a person and to the boss you can be a teacher and still get the job done. The guy I’m working with was laid off for a little bit so I’m trying to teach him all I know so he can stay with this company or be ahead of the game for the next company and be more of a asset. Still waiting on my paper work so i can take the nicet test. I’m really excited to take the test cause i feel it will be great to have a certification as a second year apprentice. That’s really all i have for now. Until next time!



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