My Transfer (So Far So Good)

I have been assigned to a new company for almost 4 weeks now, and I have to say that I really enjoy working with this company. I was nervous about the transfer because the first company that I was with, I really enjoyed the people that I worked with; and I did not know how the people were going to be at my new company. But the jobs that I worked was either hurry up and get the job done last week, or hurry up and wait for someone else to finish their work before we can get started.

With the hurry up and finish last week scenario it is harder to hone in skills that you learn and perfect them, because you have to hit the ground running and keep moving without fully understanding what you are doing and why. I don’t have any issues with that due to my military experience, but it is hard to get questions answered when the journeymen that you are helping are constantly under pressure to get something done a week ago.

Besides being under these conditions the journeymen were very knowledgeable and helpful and pretty decent people. So my overall experience with the company was good.

So far my experience with the new company has been slightly better due to the fact that the journeymen don’t seem to be as stressed out as they did with my previous company. All of the journeymen I met so far are also knowledgeable, helpful and decent people. But they seem to be in accord and on the same page as management.

And as far as the work go. We have been working at a steady pace and I am busy all day which gives me the opportunity to hone in on my skills and have the attention of the journeymen when I need guidance.

The only complaint I have so far is the distance I have to travel, 1 hour and a half. But my overall experience has been good so far.


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