Bitter But Sweet Separation

It is sweet that I work for a company that have excellent foreman. I have no complaint with any of the ones I have worked with so far. But one I have been working with for around 4 months. I have learned a lot of cool things from him, in which I feel, will make me a better electrician. One of the greatest qualities that he had, in my opinion, is patience. He would show me new things and let me alone to struggle and practice without breathing down my neck every second, until I became proficient at it. He did not expect me or any to be a master at a skill that they just learned. But he did expect for you to show steady improvement until you became proficient at it.

One of his mottos was to do your assignment to the best of your ability and to perfect your craftsmanship; never leave it if you’re not satisfied with it. No matter how long it takes you. My job now is to perfect my craft and in due time the speed will come; and on top of that it will be done right.

It is easy to slap things in and get it done fast but the main thing is; is it done right and done with skill, and do someone have to come behind you and correct your mistakes.

Well the bitter is that he is no longer going to be my foreman but, it is sweet for him because he will now be working as a project manager. It is sweet to see that he doing new things and expanding upon his career as an electrician.


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