Benefits of Transferring Companies

Hello again.

I am now a third year apprentice and I have worked for three companies so far. All of the companies I worked with so far I have had a good experiences so far. I got a long with mostly everyone and I also learned something new at each company.

I have to say that I am glad that it is mandatory that we switch companies every year, because so far my experiences with each company has gotten better with each transfer. If not I probably would have been content with the first company I was at because I would not have had any other company to compare how the conduct business and how different companies approach projects.

Another benefit to transferring is that I have had a chance to experience various types of electrical projects and I also worked in various locations, such as:

Nationals Stadium
Cell Towers
Various Military bases
Sibley Hospital
Data Centers

Just to name a few..

This is giving me a chance to meet new people, experience different aspects of the trade, and a chance to learn different ways to do our craft.

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