How My Training Benefitted Me Outside of My Apprenticeship

During my training with the JATC I keep hearing the phrase; ” This training is not designed to teach you how to master everything electrical, but you should be able to have an intelligent conversation with anyone” (paraphrasing).

And this is true. I will like to tell how the training I received has benefited me with my new Air Force unit.

Recently in June my old Air Force Reserve unit was decommissioned so that meant that I had to find a new home. I ended up joining the DC Air National Guard as an Aircraft Electrical and Environmental systems. Mind you that I had no clue about airplanes except that they get me from point A to point B faster than any other mode of transportation.

However with the training that I received from the JATC, I have an understanding of what circuit control is. And I am capable of reading schematics, tracing circuits and troubleshooting them. So while I am focusing on advance aspects of how an airplane works; and learning how the different systems operate and how they work together. A majority of my counterparts are still learning the basic theories of electricity.

I can proudly say that my training has help me in more aspects of my life besides my Electrician career.

I will like to say thank you the JATC and to our trainers.

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