Ok I’m back at this again. A lot has been going on with me in my personal life and with work. Work wise I’m still at the same building and still learning fire alarm. I really do like fire alarm but I’m not gonna lie i wish I was doing some bus duct or switchgear for a week or two. My personal life has really put me behind with trying to study for the Nicet test. Its not hard to go to work and study but everyone has to always add more to their plate than what they can handle. I’m the guiltiest person for doing that to myself. Please if you are coming into the program take my advice and buy a car that is great on gas!!!!!!!! I drive a Tahoe and from Southern Maryland to Rockville EVERY DAY! Its really putting a hurting on my wallet. You never know where your next job site will be so try to work out something or save some money for gas! On that note I’m gone. Until next month have a good one!


Fire Alarm

Hello everyone,

          Well since the last post nothing has really changed. I’m still trying to learn fire alarm the best i can so i can maybe take the Nicet1 test. I would much rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it. So far though its just been a lot of splicing and pulling MC cable. I know there is alot to learn about it so that’s why I’m staying patient cause i know the mechanics I’m working for will teach me. Well sorry its so short this month but like I said really nothing has changed. So until next time!

Hello to All

Hello, My name is Joey Williamson. I am 28 years old and was accepted in the apprenticeship last year. My first company that i was with was Mona electric. I loved it there! The job site I was on was filled with alot of well experienced AJ’s who took the time and taught me ALOT! They say I was spoiled by working on switch gear and bus duct for a first year guy. I received the nick name “the mule” cause the amount of stuff I would carry or lift. It was both a good and bad thing but more good. I also got to work with alot of 4″ rigid and EMT with a hydraulic bender. Thanks to those mechanics and our teachers bending pipe is no problem. On the school part I’m doing fairly ok i guess. Haven’t failed a test yet but average isn’t good enough for me. The teachers put together alot of stuff to get us in the right direction for just one day every two weeks. I study hard and do all the homework then study more. This school is not for people who want a job. Its for people who wish to have a career. The teachers we have are all great i wish kid school was like the school now( I’m done brown nosing now). They will put back to reality when you wounder off, but you have to remember that their jobs are to train us as electricians and not train us as friends. For the people who read this and are about to start the program please take this advice and do not start to take it light and start loafing because some test are easier than others. Instead take it all in and apply it cause what you learn at first will come back again and again in later tests and books. As for now i just did my first company to Haislip corporation. Its a smaller company that does alot of fire alarm work. I’m excited because fire alarm is something i want to learn and hopefully work alot with when I come out of my time. My monthly advice for all the new apprentices about to start school or just getting in to the local “come ready to work and earn your paycheck and learn all a person is willing to teach”. Until next time